This article talks about Linux Distributions.

To do so we need to understand what a Linux Distribution is.

Linux Distribution:

We know that Linux is open-source, free to use kernel. It is used by programmers, organizations, profit and non-profit companies around the world to create Operating systems as per their requirements.

Many organizations restrict their Linux Operating System to private, in order to prevent hacking attacks. However, many other companies make their Linux Operating System public, in order to assist the people all around the globe.

Such kind of variations in Linux Operating System are called Distributions.

Linux distribution comprises of Linux kernel, GNU tools and libraries, additional software, documentation, a window, a window manager, and a desktop environment.

Various Linux Distributions are listed below:

There are plenty of Linux distributions available these days. Most of these distributions are designed with a specific purpose.

For instance, our Android - mobile operating system, is developed based on Linux kernel. Thus, this comes under smartphone-based Linux Distribution.

Each of the Linux Distributions are fabricated to offer magnificent personal computing experience.

Few popular Linux Distributions (also known as distro) are Listed below:

Arch Linux:  

Arch Linux Distro is an independently developed system, which is popular amongst Developers. It is very helpful for those who prefer the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. 


CentOS Linux Distro is a free enterprise-class OS-based solidly on Red Hat enterprise distribution and mostly used for enterprise and web servers. Ex:- Apache Tomcat.


Debian Linux Distro is a popular non-commercial Linux Distribution that strictly functions within the Linux protocols. It is extensively used as a desktop Linux Distro.             


Gentoo Linux Distro is source-based – that means we need to configure the code on our system before we install it. This is difficult for beginners. However, it would be more amusing for experienced users.                  


OpenSUSE Linux distro is an alternative to windows. It can be easily set up and run on computers with antiquated configurations.                    


Ubuntu Linux distro is the most popular desktop OS after Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS. It is based on Debian Linux Distribution – thus every one finds it easy to use.

The below figure shows the clear perspective of usage statistics of Linux for websites.

This statistical information is provided based on the survey done by “W3 Techs”.

Best Linux Distribution:

Deciding the best Linux Distribution is tough because each one of the various Linux Distribution is designed to accomplish a specific sole purpose to meet the demands of its target users.

The only thing we can do is to try the desktop distributions one by one which is freely available and decide the one which is appropriate for our requirement. Because each one them offers its own unique design, applications, and security.