COVID-19 is that the name given by the WHO (World Health Organization) on February 11, 2020, disease caused by the novel corona virus SARS - CoV-2 . It began in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and has spread around the world. 

COVID-19 represents CO rona VI rus D isease of 2019. 

What is SARS? 

SARS represents Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome 

In 2003, a scourge of SARS started in China and spread to various countries before conclusion in 2004. The disease that causes COVID-19 is basically equal to the one that caused the 2003 SARS scene: both are sorts of corona virus. Much remains darken, anyway COVID-19 seems to spread faster than the 2003 SARS and besides may cause less genuine disorder. 

Why it's called Corona ? 

Corona-virus is titled by the appearance: Under the magnifying instrument, the infection shows up as though they're wrapped with pointed structures that encompass them kind of a crown, or crown. 

How does the corona virus spread? 

It is a respiratory infection which spreads basically through beads created when a tainted individual hacks or wheezes, or through beads of spit or release from the nose. 

What is the time-period for the corona virus? 

It appears that side effects are reached in individuals inside 14 days of presentation to the infection. 

What are the side effects of COVID-19? 

• Cough 

• Fever 

• Shortness of breath 

• Muscle hurts 

• Sore throat 

• Unexplained loss of taste or smell 

• Diarrhea 

• Headache 

What are the precautionary measures ought to be taken? 

• Wash your hands normally with cleanser and water, or clean them with a liquor based sanitizer. 

• Maintain at any cost 1-meter distance

• Avoid contacting your face. 

• Close your mouth and nose while wheezing. Use tissues and mislead them. 

• Wash out your hands or utilize a hand sanitizer each second when you contact your mouth or nose. 

• Stay home in the event that you feel wiped out. 

• Stop smoking and different exercises that debilitate the lungs. 

• Practice physical removing by opposing pointless travel and avoiding gatherings of individuals. 

In case you're returning to the workplace, avoid potential risk to stay safe

At the point when you leave for office : 

* Remember to wear a face mask before stepping out . 

* Carry a cleanser paper or a alcohol based hand sanitizer to office. 

* Carry your own things kind of a bottle, power bank to abstain from getting it from associates. 

* If you're utilizing your own vehicle, affirm to wash the most-contacted portions of the vehicle some other time, including the entryway, and entryway handle, wheel, and pack switch, seat, and seat strap, before you start. 

* If two individuals are going during a vehicle, they should sit during a bungle design inside the front and back separately to deal with separation. 

When you are at the workplace? 

* Resist contacting lift fastens or utilize a tissue to contact it. In case you're making the strides, abstain from contacting the dividers or railing. 

* affirm there aren't exactly 2-3 individuals inside the lift, else take resulting one. While inside the lift, don't confront each other. 

* Don't evacuate the cover anytime. it's suggested that you just don't utilize a proportional veil day by day. 

* Before starting your day's worth of effort, sterilize the work area and hence the PC/work area. As you sit, affirm you permit at least a seat's separation among you and your partner. 

* Maintain social removing once you connect with individuals. Abstain from shaking hands. just in the event of a get-together, affirm there aren't an excessive number of us inside the room at once all together that you'll keep up social removing. 

* If you totally need to contact a handle or a door handle, disinfect your hands right away. 

* At noon, wash your hands appropriately before you start eating. dissolve a good ways from others. 

Subsequent to getting back home 

*When you click, clean up and put your garments for clothing independently and not with different garments. 

* Disinfect your versatile and different things you took to the workplace. 

*Most critically, abstain from getting to your working environment just in the event that you are feeling wiped out or give some stressing side effects. 

How Long do hand sanitizers work ?

Sanitizers last scarcely a moment or two and must be reapplied when re-contamination happens. Be that as it may, the most straightforward germicidal thing you'll do is wash with cleanser and water." 

Can we Re-utilize the Face-mask? 

- > Cloth face-mask :– are frequently appropriately washed, sterilized, dried, and reused. 

- > Surgical face-mask :– If it's dry and in this manner the layers and shape are unblemished, put it during a zip lock pocket with a parched gel. The gel assimilates dampness and keeps the cover dry. On the off chance that the cover is whole and not torn, it is regularly reused for 3 days. On the off chance that it's ragged by a tainted individual, it ought to never be reused or shared. 

- > N95 respirator :– when you aren't utilizing it, please store it during a closed plastic container and eliminate and frequently clean the storage containers.