If you're like me, you know that you don't take care of your computer enough, which led to you reading this now. Well, fear not, because here you will learn to clean up the junk in your PC to make it work faster.

Before we start, remember to back up your important files so that you wont loose them by mistake.

Here are few options:

  1. Deleting the Windows update data
  2. Deleting the temp and prefetch files.
  3. Clearing browser History and Cookies/Cache.
  4. Clearing DNS Cache.
  5. Cleaning up your Disk.

Deleting the Windows update data:

First we'll delete the Windows update data. To do that we will begin with opening the C drive in your Computer and then select the Windows folder from there click on Software Distribution folder and select Downloads. After opening the Downloads folder select all the files in the folder by clicking Ctrl+a on your keyboard and click on delete button to delete all the files. Do not worry about deleting any useful update because the Windows system will download any updates it needs, again.

Deleting the temp and prefetch files:

Now coming to deleting the Temporary and Prefetch. First right click on the Windows icon at the bottom of your screen and select the option "RUN". After the dialogue box opens, type "%temp%" and click on "OK". Now that the temp files folder is open, select all the files that your are not currently working on and delete them.

Deleting the temporary files

Deleting the temporary files

Again right click on the Windows icon and select "RUN" and this time type "temp". This is another location where some other temporary files are stored. Delete them all by clicking Ctrl+a on your keyboard.

temp file folder

temp file folder

Now, to delete the prefetch files, instead of going on to Windows icon and right clicking on it to select run, just hold the windows button and "r" on you keyboard which opens the run dialogue box. In that dialogue box type"prefetch". Now select all the files in that folder and delete them. And done.

Clearing browser History and Cookies/Cache:

To delete the browser History and Cookies/Cache, I use Chrome browser, so I'll tell you how to clear History from your Chrome browser. Click the "customize and control google chrome" which is at the top right corner of your browser window. It is three vertical dots. Now do select on "more tools" and click on "clear browsing data" to clear the data.

Once the settings page opens you will have two page, one is a "basic" page from which you can delete most of the browsing history and clear all your cookies and also clear your cached data which will free up lots of browser memory in turn giving you faster search results and a faster working PC. The second page has "advanced" options in which you can select the time range of the browser history you want to see. For example if you only want to delete the browser history from a month ago, you can select that date in this advanced page and clear only that days history.

Clearing DNS cache:

DNS means Domain Name System. It is related to your internet functioning properly.

To clear the DNS cache, all you have to do is type "CMD or Command Prompt" in windows search and click on "Run as administrator" and type "ipconfig/flushdns" to clear all your DNS cache which enables your computer to remove any defaults in your internet connection.

Cleaning the Disk:

To clean your disk and ridding it of junk files you can either manually got to each disk and clean delete you unwanted files or you can open Disk clean up in Windows search and select a disk of your choice and it will clean the junk files for you.

So, this is how you clean up the junk on your computer to make it work faster.

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