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Here are some of my skincare tips for the ones who don’t want to experiment with their skin using chemical products/ doing the 7 step skincare routine.

Let’s get started.


Regular cleansing is essential in your skincare routine to remove dirt, germs, and makeup that can irritate the skin.

Cleanse your face by using your everyday cleanser/ face wash or cleansing soap (Make sure either of them is not harsh on your skin.) Use warm water so that it removes the dirt and preserves skin oils which are naturally produced by your skin.

Also, try out some home remedies for cleansing skin.

Coconut Oil: Apply 2-3 drops of coconut oil to your face by gently massaging for a minute and rinse it off with water. This helps cleaning surface dirt and moisturize the skin. Do not use too much coconut oil as it makes your skin greasy and also clogs pores.

Honey: Honey works as both antibacterial and antimicrobial. It helps to lock in moisture. Take 1 teaspoon of honey and spread it on your face. Give a slight massage for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

Milk: Milk contains lactic acid in it and helps slough off dead skins. It acts as a natural skin softener. Gently rub the milk onto skin in circulatory motion using a clean cotton ball, this helps in removing the dirt within clogged pores.

Yoghurt: Since yoghurt also contains lactic acid, it helps to nourish and cleanse gently. Yoghurt destroys acne and pimple-causing bacteria. Rub your face by taking 2-3 teaspoons of yoghurt, leave it for few minutes and rinse it off.

Wash your face twice a day (once in the morning and, once at night.), after a workout or excessive sweating.

Note: Make sure you don't leave these ingredients for too long on your skin or cleansing for more than 1 minute (60 sec) to avoid dryness or irritation.

Once you’re done cleansing, pat your face using a clean, dry face towel.


Toning removes any remaining bits of oil, dirt and debris on the skin's surface left behind by the cleanser.

Homemade toners:

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera gives a soothing effect on the skin. Mix 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel with 1 cup of cool water. Apply the solution onto your face using a cotton ball.

Cucumber: Cucumber can help with the damaged skin, providing a cooling effect. Take 2 slices of cucumber and directly apply it onto your face and give a gentle massage.

Ice Cube: Ice boosts blood circulation to your face and makes it radiant. Wrap an ice cube in a clean piece of cotton cloth and rub all over your face (One ice cube is enough.)

Rose Water: Rosewater's mild astringent properties help tighten the pores. Dip a cotton ball with rose water and dab it on cleansed skin.


Moisturizing every day reduces the chance of extreme dryness or oiliness of the skin. Invest and use the right kind of moisturizer that works for your skin type.

Honey, Shea butter, Avocado and Aloe Vera acts as a good moisturizer. Apply any off them in a little amount, leave on the skin for few minutes and rinse it off.

Hand Hygiene:

Keep your hands clean and do not touch your face often as the dirt/bacteria in unwashed hands can easily cause skin infections.

Stop biting nails as it leads to damage of the skin around your nails and in some cases, causes infection.

Eat right and Stay hydrated:

Make healthy changes in your eating habits.

Include fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats in your diet.

Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables are antioxidants and promote radiant skin. Some of the best sources of vitamin C are Oranges, Tomatoes, Mango, Papaya, Guavas, Strawberries, Green leafy vegetables (Spinach, Cabbage, Broccoli etc.)

Intake of proteins helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin. High protein foods include Tofu, eggs, milk, low-fat yoghurt, beans, lentils etc.

Healthy fats are of two types, Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Omega-6 fatty acids help to maintain hydrated skin. Omega-3 Fatty acids nourish the skin, gives radiance and adds softness to your complexion. Foods that provide healthy fats are Fish, Walnuts, Avocados, Olive oil, Coconut oil etc.

Drink plenty amount of water as it flushes out all the toxins from your body. Drinking 2-3 litres off water per day does wonders to your skin health.

Avoid too much alcohol and caffeine as it causes dehydration.

Cigarette smoking damage collagen and elastin in the body tissues which are responsible for preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Once it gets damaged, it speeds up skin ageing.

Relieve Stress:

Stress causes your skin’s natural ability to heal scars and acne. Exercise, meditate and listen to good music to relax your mind and body.

Any form of exercise that increases your fitness level decreases your stress. For example, Walking: Brisk walking boosts the production of stress-busting endorphins. This improves your mood and increases your self-esteem.

Meditation: Meditation is a simple, fast way to reduce stress by bringing you inner peace.

Try doing exercise and meditation each for at least half an hour a day.

Music: Listening to music, especially slow, quiet music slows down the pulse and heart rate, lowers blood pressure and decreases the levels of stress hormones.

Beauty Sleep:

Sleep boosts your skin's ability to recover from sun damage by 30%. Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Not less than that or not more than that because it leads to adverse health effects.

Note: Make sure you do a patch test before applying any product on your skin.

Patch test

Patch test

What works for others might not work for your skin.

I hope these tips will help you.

Love your skin and take good care of it the right way.

Thanks for reading!

- Isha