Most of us wanted to learn different new Technologies. However to do so, we need to know at least one basic programming language and most of the techies suggest C-language, because it's the easiest and foundation for any of the current booming technology.

If we have a little understanding of computers and the passion to learn new technology, then we are good to go.


• Linux is an open source operating system, thus has access to source code and alters the code as per user need whereas Windows OS is commercial, thus does not have access to source code.

• Linux uses monolithic kernel. Whereas in windows micro kernel is used.

• Linux distributions do not collect the user data where as Windows collect all the user details which lead to privacy concern.

• Linux is more reliable and efficient than windows as in Linux we can kill application if they hung, through x kill command whereas, in windows, we need to try multiple times to kill it.

• In a Linux software cost is almost free as all programs, utilities and the complex applications such as open-office are free but windows also have many of the free programs and utilities but most of the programs are commercial(paid).

• Linux is highly secure because it’s easy to identify bugs and fix whereas Windows has a large user base and becomes a target for developers of viruses and malware.

• Mostly linux is used by the corporate organizations as servers and operating system for the security purpose. whereas windows are mostly used by gamers and business users as well.

LINUX is a operating system(os) or a kernel distributed under an open-sourced license. 

Its functionality list is quite like UNIX.

Operating System(OS):

To put it in fascinating way, let me explain you like this.Operating System is the stuffed part of burger/sandwich.I mean Operating system is a bond between computer hardware and software resources. 

Need of an OS:

If there is no stuff in burger/sandwich can we enjoy it?

Likewise there is no use of any gadget if there is no OS in them, As OS is the one which manages and provides services to end user

KERNEL is known as the core of Operating System.

The top 5 benefits of using Linux:

• It offers a free (open-sourced) operating system. We do not have to shell hundreds of dollars to get the OS like a Windows operating system!

• Being an open-source, anyone with programming knowledge can do modify this os.

• The Linux operating systems now offer millions of programs/applications to choose from, most of them are free!

• Once you have Linux installed in your system then you no longer need an antivirus softwares at all! Linux is a highly secure system. More so, there is a global development community is constantly looking for the ways to enhance its security. With an each upgrade, the OS becomes more secured and robust.

• Linux is the operating system of choice for Server environments due to its stability, reliability with a flexibility and Mega-companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google use Linux for their Servers. A Linux based server could run as all time the best server without a reboot for years on end.